Fallen Angel


Living Quarters

1. What area of DC do I live? I live in the Brookland area of NE Washington, DC.

2. What type of home do I live in? I live in one of the priest’s lodging at the Franciscan Monastery. It is very small, but then I am never there anyway.

3. Political views: I have very democratic views in the traditional sense, yet many views are tinged with religious dogma.

4. Religious views: There is one god, though we call him by many names. And we are but his messengers to man. I hold the basic Judeo-Christian concepts of religion. However, many things that man fights over are inconsequential to the larger faith.

5. Relationships:

a. Friends – Gabriel is the closest thing I can call a friend from my old life. She comes to see me on a regular basis, inspiring me and checking to see that I haven’t strayed from the path.

Allies – Uriel and I have become close in the last 300 years. We work together to improve the lives of people in DC. He channels the needy to me and I care for them and provide them guidance as my penance. Additionally, I have a business partner, Joanna Kane, in our business (Providence Shelter and Care Center) providing food, rest, and medical care to the homeless in NE DC. Joanna is not in the know, however, she may suspect something.

c. Enemies – Order of the Blackened Denarius. They are all that we have been trying to work against. It is said that Lucifer won’t even have anything to do with them, but then I haven’t seen him in many millennia.

d. Acquaintances – I have begun to work in recent years with a group of mortal that have a lot of potential. A confused boy with the soul, a socialite doing God’s work (even if she doesn’t believe it), and a cop.


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