Character Name: (goes by) Peyton Powers; (born as) Jang Ni Su Lien; (raised as) Peyton Michael Channing-Powers

Template: Emissary of Power
High Concept Aspect: Reluctant Avatar of Thor

Trouble Aspect: Not Always in the Driver’s Seat


Power level: Submerged
Skill cap: Superb
Total available: 35
Base refresh level: 10
Adjusted refresh: 2


Superb (5): Endurance
Great (
4): Conviction, Weapons
Good (3): Might, Resources, Discipline
Fair (
2): Rapport, Athletics, Contacts, Alertness
Average (+1): Fists, Deceit, burglary, Presence, Lore

Stunts & Powers

Powers: Marked By Power

Inhuman Strength
Inhuman toughness (catch: mistletoe)
Inhuman Recovery (catch: mistletoe)
Refinement (+2 foci or +4 enchantments or mixed)

Item of Power: Mjöllnir
-Channeling (Air and Earth)
-It’s a Hammer: W3
- Foci (+1 to Discipline on Air Shield and Lightening Strike)

Stunts: Hacking (burglary)
Wall of Death (Weapons)


Physical: 6
Mental: 4
Social: 3
Armor: 1 vs Physical Stress

Notes: [recovery] – “Shrug It Off” allows me to use a supplemental action once per scene to remove a mild physical consequence. Also allows me to treat all consequences as one level in severity less for purposes of recovery.


Mild: (any) 1
Moderate: (any) 1
Severe: (any) 1
Mild: (Phy) 1 [ from superb endurance]
Extreme: (any) 1


Air Shield: Foci +1 to Discipline

By spinning Mjöllnir super fast he creates a wind shield.
-Type: Air
-Power: Equal to conviction plus appropriate focus
-Controls: Roll Discipline plus appropriate focus
-Duration: 1 exchange
-Effects: Whirling circle of air exending a few feet past the length of the hammer. (Can decide to change blocks to armour rating of 1/2 total power.)

Lighting Strike: Foci +1 to Discipline

By slamming the hammer hilt into the ground, he summons a bolt of lighting to strike his foes.
-Type: Earth
-Power: Equal to conviction plus appropriate focus
-Controls: Roll Discipline plus appropriate focus as control and attack roll
-Target: One target in line of sight. Inflicts physical stress
-Duration: One action
-Opposed by: Target’s Athletics skill, magical block or such.
-Variation: Could divide he shifts of effect to target more people or area (dividing success to hit each.)

Enchanted Items-

1. Tassel of Mjöllnir- Mjöllnir will return to your hand 3/session



1. Background: Where did you come from?
Aspect: My parents used to BE someone.
Events: I was born Jang Ni Su Lien and Orphaned as a young boy in war-torn Burma. After my family died, I was taken in by a Christian run orphanage. I was soon adopted by two high-profile American actors and renamed Peyton Michael Channing-Powers. Raised by this “American Sweetheart” couple and living the next few years with my other siblings, some natural and some adopted, I grew up in the spot light of Hollywood. After a few years, my parents fell out of the lime light but remained extremely wealthy and influential. Much of the Burmese boy I once was is gone, replaced by the Hollywood raised ‘it’ kid.. but you can never take away someone’s roots.

2. Rising Conflict: What shaped you?
Aspect: Are you there Thor, it’s me Margaret
Events: During early college my true father must have died, because the dept to Thor was passed to me, and with that came the voices and visions. At a party one night, possibly using some light recreational drugs, I was suddenly inundated by the voices and visions of my ancestors who previously wielded the hammer in my head, along with the weight of a sleeping god. I figured I was crazy until the Hammer showed up and the powers started.. then I just knew I would never be the same. I moved to east in search of answers.

3. The Story: What was your first adventure?
Aspect: There are more like me out there.
Events: After leaving LA, I fled east to get some space and figure out my life and the changes that were happening. I did a lot of research on the subject of the Norse gods and came upon a Georgetown professor who wrote numerous essays about the old gods living in modern men. I knew I had to talk to him, so I convinced my parents to give me one of their properties in DC and I moved out here. I struck up a friendship with Professor Trumball and eventually even showed him Mjöllnir and some of the powers. He believed me and mentored me. After a few months, the Professor told me that he’d been in contact with someone else that might be the same as me. He said that he was going to meet and talk to this person and then he’d see if I could meet him at some other point, but that he was only going to be in town for one night. The next day the Professor turned up dead in his study, seemingly attacked by a wild animal. After some investigation, I was led to believe that the person he was meeting with was a member of the rock band, Feneris, which was only in town for that one night.

Story Title: Ragna Rok-Star
Guest Starring: Professor Trumball (deceased), Unknown scion of Fenrir (member of the rock band, Feneris)

4. Guest Star: Whose path have you crossed?
Aspect: There are worlds than this one.
Events: In an investigation of people disappearing into thin air, I stumbled upon a police office struggling to rescue another man who was being dragged through a door to the Never Never. Thor hates trolls and I was compelled to help the officer. We were both dragged into the Never Never along with the other man and we squared off against the beast. Cold steel of hammer and pistol prevailed, but we were now trapped in another world. The man we rescued, Morgan Charles Washington III knew much about this new world and was able to guide us back to our realm. I was able to keep in touch with both Morgan and the cop, Ryan McCay .

Story Title: Kidnapped in the Never Never
Guest Starring: Officer Ryan McCay, Morgan Charles Washington III

5. Guest Star Redux: Who else’s path have you crossed?
Aspect: Subtlety is not my art.
Events: I managed to get tickets to a political event with the First Family in attendance. I brought Officer McCay along with me as my friend, since he needed a good time out after his difficulties at work. I’d recognized {Jill’s Character} from social dealings with my family, but I’d never noticed the aura of power she had, and she noticed something about me as well. When her friend alerted us that a Red Court Vampire was in attendance, we figured that there must be some villainy afoot, so we teamed up to investigate. Turns out it was a plot to assassinate the president. Together we managed to get the vampire out of the public areas and dispatched it. I don’t think the Red Court is going to be very fond of us from now on, but we made a pretty good team.

Story Title: Party in the USA
Guest Starring: Team DC-by-Gaslight

Living Quarters

Peyton lives in a small rowhouse (narrow but four stories) in the U Street/ DuPont area. It is one of the many properties that his parents own as real estate investments. He moved into one of the rental rooms and said he’s start managing the house, but never replaced any of the tenants as they moved out and now he has the whole place to himself. Beliefs/Politics Being the son of two once active and vocal actors, he grew up pretty staunchly democrat. Over the years he’s come to a more baseline political viewpoint. Having a few hundred years of descendants in his head he’s come to realize that the party in power has little to do with the change and its more the will of the people and the forward movement of time. That is, of course, assuming the ’ party in power’ doesn’t have an army and the willingness to use it on the populace. That changes things. Religious views. Well, that’s a fun one. As a baby and young child in Burma (now called Myanmar) he was a Buddhist, after his family was killed he was taken in at a Christian orphanage and was eventually adopted by his Jewish father and his Christian mother. Growing up, he was raised in both traditions. Now he has a Norse god in his head. He went though the motions for all the other religions until he started shooting lightening from an old god’s hammer. Now, he doesn’t really know what to believe.

Enemies. Trolls… Thor can’t stand them and is quite active when their around. Fenrir’s scion is pretty high on his shit list even though they’ve never actually met. Loki, also, would be an enemy to look out for.

Friends/Enemies/ Acquaintances


The Team – nuff said. Dr. Daniel Jackson – Highly renowned archeologist, not been in the news for some time now. Works with the Smithsonian from time to time and seems to have amazing connections and access to anything. Vast knowledge of Ancient religions, customs and cultures, especially those of the Egyptians. Interested in me and the hammer and has given me some credentials for the Smithsonian, showing that I can transport the artifact in my possession. Met him through Professor Trumball. Professor Trumball (deceased) – See Back Story Parents/Family – Elizabeth “Lizzy” Channing and Greg Powers (born Levi Grossman) adopted three foreign children, Peyton being the first, after finding out they couldn’t have one of their own. Greg Powers has one natural child from a previous marriage. They’ve been trying to stage a bit of a come- back in the recent months, garnering more media and trying to determine a good way back into the spot light. Since Peyton is now on the edges of this war, he’s started suggested they look into some private security, couched in his concern for the stalkers they are sure to gain with a return to the spot light. Know any good ‘all purpose” security companies? The single ladies of DC Ben – Of Ben’s Chili Bowl. My folks used to hang out at the restaurant when they were big, so Ben’s a friend of the family.


Trolls… Thor can’t stand them and is quite active when they’re around. Fenrir’s scion is pretty high on his shit list even though they’ve never actually met. .


Bartenders, security guards, high profilers, news people… he gets around.


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