Alethea Abrams

Wizarding Socialite


1. I live in Georgetown.

2. I live in a 1500 square foot town home built in the mid 1800s.

3. Democrat — I fight for the poor!

4. Never really had religion, since I bounced around as a kid. I believe everyone should be able to believe what they want to believe, so I take my daughter to a Unitarian church where all faiths are welcomed.

5. Friends? Where do I begin? My circle is large. But I guess I would consider most to be acquaintances, not true friends. I can count my true friends on one hand — namely: Rachel Thatcher (we were sorority sisters in college, and she’s now the Managing Director of the city’s premier society club); Bobby Snyder (we met when I first moved to DC. He’s the best gay friend a girl could ask for. He’s the interior designer to the rich and powerful in DC); and Sheldon Tremblay (we dated once. Geek to the extreme. He’s head of the National Institutes of Health. We’ve stayed friends, but there was never any chemistry). I’m also friendly with Peyton through connections I have with his family (money knows money).

6. My daughter Lily, who is 9, attends Sidwell Friends School in Upper NW DC. She has a terrific nanny named Rosario who is a small, strong powerhouse of a woman. She found us actually. She showed up at our doorstep one day, the day after our last nanny mysteriously left. Rosario told me that she had heard we needed someone, and after an exhaustive background check, we determined she was a great find! She seems to have an innate sense of the world around her, sensing danger, and providing a safe haven for Lily wherever she goes (at home, at school, out shopping). We don’t allow Lily to spend time at friends’ houses, but Lily does have a best friend named Elvis. Elvis is a quiet girl, very sweet. Lily often has Elvis come over for sleepovers (particularly on nights I’m out).

Alethea Abrams

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