Detective Ryan McKay


Player Name: John
Character Name: Detective Ryan McKay

Template: Pure Mortal
High Concept Aspect: Altruistic Liaison to UnCUT
Trouble Aspect: Disillusion is setting in


Power level: submerged
Skill cap: superb
Total available: 35
Base refresh level: 10 (12)
Adjusted refresh: 6


Superb (5): Investigation, Alertness
Great (
4): Guns, Stealth
Good (3): Contacts, Scholarship
Fair (
2): Athletics, Presence, Conviction
Average (+1): Endurance, Fists, Resources, Driving, Deceit

Stunts & Powers

Corner of My Eye (Alertness) (-1)
Pin the Tail (Investigation) (-1)
Scene of the Crime (Investigation) (-1)
Pin them Down (Guns) (-1)
Blend In (Stealth) (-1)
Ear to the Ground (Contacts) (-1)


Physical: 3
Mental: 3
Social: 3
Armor Vest: 1 vs Physical Stress (bulky and obvious)


Mild: (any) 1
Moderate: (any) 1
Severe: (any) 1
Extreme: (any) 1

Metropolitan Police Department issued Equipment
-Side Arm: Glock 9mm W: 2
-Armored Vest: DC Police
-Cell Phone
-Walkie Talkie
-Collapsible Baton WP: 1
-Detective Badge
-Pepper Spray WP: 1
-Riot Shotgun: 12 Gauge W: 3
-Riot Gear: Armor vs. Physical Stress: 2 Aspect (Encumbered for Protection)

UnCUT issued Equipment
-Cell Phone
-2010 Impala (w/ Light if needed)
-CAC Card
-Pentagon Badge
-8 yr old bulky laptop (better used as doorstop)


Background: Where did you come from?
Aspect: Idealist raised on the streets.
Events: Ryan grew up on the streets of DC. His father was part of the union that held the contract for operating the Districts street sweepers. His mother disappeared when he was a baby. Seeing the wrongs that existed in the District, he became convinced that if he worked hard, he could make a difference in the city. He graduated from the Georgetown Law program, and joined the DC police.

Rising Conflict: What shaped you?
Aspect: Up and Comer.
Events: Ryan rose through the ranks of the DC police with amazing speed. He passed the Detectives Exam on his first try, with the highest score on record. He was an impressive beat cop, with an eye for clues and an excellent ability to track suspects. After hardly more than a year, he is made a detective, and moved into the vice squad.

The Story: What was your first adventure?
Aspect: Cracking down on the occult.
Events: In one of his largest cases in his second year in vice, Ryan went undercover for 6 months to help break a Third Eye ring that had cropped up in DC. The operation culminated in a large bust and shootout in a warehouse in southeast DC. The Bust was a huge success, and Ryan played a prominent role in apprehending the ringleader of the Drug ring. However, during the final raid, he was caught in the explosion of a large batch of the drug.

Guest Star: Whose path have you crossed?
Aspect: Following the clues, wherever they lead.
Events: The same night as the final Third Eye bust, still reeling from his exposure to the drug, Ryan witnesses a man, Morgan Charles Washington III, being kidnapped by a troll. Never one to turn away from someone in need, Ryan follows the troll into the NeverNever. There he encounters Peyton Michael Channing Powers, and the two of them join forces to track down and defeat the troll, and free Mr. Washington. Unfortunately, Ryan’s recounting of the events to particular members of the police force quickly earned him a reputation as a bit of a nut.

Guest Star Redux: Who else’s path have you crossed?
Aspect: If it doesn’t bleed, I can kill it.
Events: Accompanying his new friend Peyton Michael Channing Powers to a charity event, Ryan meets


Living Quarters

1. Ryan lives in near northeast, on H street about 6 blocks from Gallaudet University
2. Ryan lives in a 400 square foot studio apartment above the Palace of Wonder Show Bar.

3. Ryan believes in Justice, regardless of the party that it hurts.
4. Ryan’s mothers family was Catholic, his father was a reformed alcoholic who never went to church. He believes in Justice.

Friends/Enemies/ Acquaintances


The Team – nuff said.

Micky Russaux –closest friend is his former partner in the DC police. Micky came from Ryan’s neighborhood, and was Ryan’s training officer when he was a rookie. Ryan talked Micky into taking the detectives exam, and helped him study for it. Micky passed, and went to homicide while Ryan went to Vice.

Wu Ping- Ryan’s Landlord for several years. Fresh out of the police academy, and looking for a place to live, Ryan stopped a man from mugging Wu Ping in a back alley of Clarendon. In gratitude, Wu Ping allows Ryan to live in his apartment on a reduced rent.

Amanda Olsen- is a very attractive woman that lives in the same building as Ryan. While often wanting to speak with Amanda, he has never been presented with the right opportunity. As he became more prominent in the police force, he began to build up the courage to speak with her, however a drug particularly incoherent rant while still under the effect of third eye made her reguard Ryan
as a crazy.

Timothy McKay- father. Timothy lives in northern Virginia on a pension from the Union that he worked for.


People Ryan has put away.

Red Court Vampires


Ryan doesn’t have many friends. He has a lot of acquaintances from his old neighborhoods in DC, and knows a lot of people in the DC police.

Detective Ryan McKay

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