City Info

City Wide Theme/Threats:


Idea: Red Court is Trying to gain a foothold in DC
Aspect: Unknown (I didn’t write it down)
William Vye – City Planner with White council ties
Vincent Gray – New Mayoral candidate of DC (won primaries, not mayoral race yet) and pawn of Red Court
Charles E. Smith – Real Estate Tycoon (unaffiliated)


Idea: Town doesn’t know what it wants to be
Aspect: Conflicting Ideals
Ebanezer Wolf- Deacon of the Downtrodden
Jacob Abbott- Mason, trying to bring back ‘the old days’
Rebecca Chase- Visionary of the future

Idea: The political game is everything
Aspect: Cloudy Transparency
JoAnna Kelly – Lobbyist Extraordinaire
Margaret May Lee- Southern Belle Senator with Winter Court ties
Rex Howizter- Political truth hound, news personality.

The Status Quo:

Supernatural Status Quo – Two factions (white council vs. red court) are evenly matched but containment is starting to break down. Now the violence is increasing and other factions are finding ways to sneak in.

Mundane Status Quo – Rich vs. Poor, Strong vs. Weak. The Poor are always the first to be hurt.

Movers and shakers:

In the dark/Status Quo – Political Establishment
In the dark/rock the boat – Activists, Ebineze Wolf
In the Know/Status Quo – Masons, White Council, Summer Court
In the Know/Rock the boat – Winter Court
Stuck in the middle – Police, Rex Howitzer

City Sheet ( Faces)

Name: Jacob Abbott
Face Of: The Masons
High Concept: Colonial Thaumaturgy
Motivation: Bring back “the old days”
Relationships: nemesis to Rebecca Chase
Notes: well known Classical Architect, influencial

Name: Margaret May Lee
Face Of: Southern Republican Majority (SRM)
High Concept: Sorcerer Senator
Motivation: Power
Relationships: Ties to winter court, opposed to Rex Howitzer
Notes: Possibly connected to mysterious digging at Haines Point

Name: Rex Howitzer
Face Of: DC Correspondent for NNN (national news network)
High Concept: Investigative Political Truth Hound
Motivation: Truth at any cost
Relationships: Ebenezer Wolf, Butch Savage

Name: Ebenezer Wolf
Face Of: ‘The Poor’
High Concept: Deacon of the Down Trodden
Motivation: To help ‘The Poor’
Relationships: Rex Howitzer, Uriel
Notes: Good man.

Name: Olivia Roberts
Face Of: UncUT – Unconventional or Unexplained Threats Division
High Concept: Head of Division, investigates the strange
Motivation: Revenge for father killed by Red Court Vampire
Relationships: Jun Lee – Informant
Notes: Leads primary investigation of the unexplained cases, does so with a vengeance.

Name: Rebecca Chase
Face Of: Chase Innovations
High Concept: Visionary of the Future
Motivation: Reshape the world in her image
Relationships: enemy to Jacob Abbott, loose relationship with Ebenezer Wolf, Aware of Butch Savage

Name: JoAnna Kelly
Face Of: McAllister and Co.
High Concept: Red Tape Lobbyist
Motivation: To expand her influence
Relationships: Margaret May Lee – in cahoots, Alexander Raith – scratch my back relationship
Notes: uses Alexander to get good service, tables at power restaurant.. Alex gets to feed on power and greed as well as cash and influence for the Raith family.

Name: Uriel
Face Of: The National Cathedral
High Concept: Angelic Protector
Motivation: Rehabilitate the fallen (not “The Fallen”)
Relationships: God – Boss, Ebenezer Wolf, Amanda Winslet, Enemy to Ezel, Neutral to Jun Lee

Name: Alexander Raith
Face Of: Raith Family, White Court
High Concept: Raith Family Manipulator
Motivation: Secure power base for Raith Family, Feed
Relationships: JoAnna Kelly, Amanda Winslet, William Vye

City Sheet (locations)

Name: Kramer Books
Description: Bookstore, café, Accords Neutral Ground
Theme or Threat: Theme
Idea: Granted neutral ground status by accords
Aspect: Accorded neutral grounds, good brunch
Face: Amanda Winslet – shape shifter / accord protector

Name: Underground
Description: Metro and beyond
Theme or Threat: Threat
Idea: Neverwhere
Aspect: Lines to Anywhere
Face: Ezel – Demonic Conductor

Name: Haines Point
Description: Escape Tunnel or Back Door?
Theme or Threat: Threat
Idea: Senator’s pet project
Aspect: What is the tunnel for?
Face: Margaret May Lee, Rex Howitzer, Butch Savage – In the Dark Foreman

Name: Roosevelt Island
Description: Displaced Ground
Theme or Threat: Theme
Idea: Isle of Toil
Aspect: Unnatural Island
Face: Cindy McCreedy – Clock watching DOI rep.

Name: National Cathedral
Description: Religious Seat of DC
Theme or Threat: Theme
Idea: Haven for those in need
Aspect: Supernatural Santuary
Face: Uriel – Angelic Protector

Name: China Town
Description: True face of the east in DC
Theme or Threat: Threat
Idea: Hidden Enemies
Aspect: Strike from the Shadows
Face: Jun Lee – Knowledgeable Wok Street Vendor

Name: K Street
Description: Power Players
Theme or Threat: Theme
Idea: Where the real game of politics is played
Aspect: The (don’t have this finished on my sheet – name of restaurant)
Face: Alexander Raith – White Court prince and Maitre’D

Name: Smithsonian Mall
Description: Connected Ley Lines
Theme or Threat: Theme
Idea: Ley With history come power
Aspect: Ley Lines
Face: Jackson Winchester – Empowered city engineer

Name: Southwest Waterfront
Description: Contested Area
Theme or Threat: Threat
Idea: Possible foothold for the Red Court
Aspect: Red Court Power Base
Face: Molly Smith – Red Court Infected, Arena Stage Director

Name: Eastern Market
Description: Hipsters above, Supernatural Below
Theme or Threat: Theme
Idea: Goblin Market
Aspect: Get what you need
Face: Dobby – Dodgey Goblin smuggler

DC by Gas Light

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